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Canada Goose Cleaning

Canada Goose Cleaning Services
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Canada Goose Cleaning Services

Due to the nature of these items, Canada Goose cleaning should only be undertaken by a specialist...

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At Jet dry cleaners we have been successfully treating a variety of down filled items for many years and our customers send their garments to us from all over the London!

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    We clean your Canada Goose using a completely non-toxic, 100% environmentally friendly process which not only beautifully cleans but leaves no unwanted chemical odours. With over 10 years experience we have successfully combined the traditional hand crafted and proven methods with new and ever-changing techniques in order to maintain the highest levels of service and results. This service is available nationwide...


    Collection & Delivery available Click here to start the process, or book online below

    • Eco Friendly
    • Better Finish
    • Odourless
    • Brighter Colours
    • Canada Goose Cleaning from £45.00
    • Motorcycle Jacket Cleaning from £70.00
    • Handbag Cleaning [from --£40.00
    • Shoe & Boot Cleaning from £35.00
    Canada Goose Cleaning Services london
    Canada Goose Cleaning Services in london
    Collection & Delivery Available

    Alternatively we would welcome you to our store in East Barnet, where a member of our team would be happy to help. If you would like any more information about this service, please contact us or speak to a member of our team in store call 0208 440 74 42.

    How to Store Canada Goose Jacket

    As for how to store your jacket, you have a couple of options. As with all CG items, your best option is almost always going to be leaving the item with CG storage provider during the off-season months. This ensures that your Canada Goose coat is well protected from the elements, including any moisture build up that could harm the jacket or its fur. If you decide to store your Canada Goose coat at your home, you’ll want to take care to provide it with the best environment possible. This includes sealing it in a breathable garment bag and then hanging it in a dark and moisture-free room. Do not fold or otherwise compress your Canada Goose jacket for storage, since these actions can result in damage...

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