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Shoe and Trainer Cleaning Service

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Shoe and Trainer Cleaning and Restoration Service

We take shoes that look ready for the bin and make them box fresh again! Quick and simple nationwide postal service: send your shoes to the Lab to be cleaned and we’ll send them back boxed up and looking like new. Or if you ar local, Stamford Hill you can bring to us, even we can come and pick it up from you clean it and deliver back to you, Areas we cover Stamford Hill, Walthamstow, Islington, Finchley, Enfield, Tottenham..

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Jet dry cleaners is the leading shoe restoration and handbag restoration service, specialising in luxury and designer item repair. We are not only able to bring your shoes, trainers and bags back to how they once were. We can also customise them, change their colour and more.


Are your favourite trainers ingrained with dirt? Don’t throw them away just yet, London’s best dry cleaners is now offering trainer cleaning services in the London.

We aim to clean, freshen and restore the condition of your sneakers, trainers, runners, and bags, doing our very best to make them as they once were.

Professional Shoe and Bags cleaning service

We make it our mission to cleanse, refresh and restore the health of your sneakers, trainers, and plimsolls or runners. We give it everything we’ve got to restore them to their former glory. As part of our trainer cleaning system, we can get your trainers professionally deodorized before we carefully package your footwear ready for your delivery.

  • Trainers cleaning from----------- £26.00
  • Shoes Steam cleaning from -- £26.00
  • Boots Cleaning from -------- £40.00
  • Gucci, Clarks, Zara, Balenciaga,
  • Adidas, Nike, Alexander McQueen
  • Deep Clean
  • Steam cleaning
  • No additional charges
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Here at Jet dry cleaners, we always treat every pair of shoes with the same amount of care, no matter what brand they are. Results may vary from shoe to shoe depending on the state they are in. We will always do our best and, if after washing there is still staining, we can try a harsher chemical. However, no liability will be taken.

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